"There’s these GIFs about me, these stupid stereotypes people have of me as this overly emotional character that cries in his room every night," says Drake. "There are jokes because of Degrassi, because I’m Canadian, because I make music for women. There are memes of guys crying to my music." He scowls, then shrugs. "I love it. I heart those photos when I see them on Instagram.”

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You shot me.

Fruitvale Station (2013), dir. Ryan Coogler

I bumped into your desk, and it accidentally fell into my pocket. And then by the time I got to the parking lot, I didn’t have time to come back in, so… Here I am." This might be one of the worst excuses a guy has ever used to try to get into my apartment.


bro i love you so much bro you’re so important to me bro. bro i wanna spend my life with you. bro i love ur eyes but not in a gay way bro. bro do you wanna marry me by the ocean and remember that as the most important day of our lives as we grow old together and make each other as happy as possible no homo

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it’s actually nice out today, good looking out florida



comin’ at you live w/ that straight up otp shit :’)

Starts with “W” ends with “EED” Drake (Late Night With Jimmy Fallon)

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You fight it. You don’t give up. And one day you just change.